Measuring the Effectiveness of Field Reimbursement Teams


A large biotech company had invested significant resources in reimbursement support, including Field Reimbursement Managers (FRMs). The organization was frustrated by the lack of quantitative metrics to evaluate and assess the effectiveness of the FRMs and asked BCA to develop an approach to address this gap.



Transitioning to Customer Driven Models


Large pharma organization desired a radical shift to customer-driven models utilizing the following criteria:
  • Reducing traditional sales representative headcount by 50%,
  • Deploying new account management resources against key influencers including payers, providers, employers, academia, ...

Segmentation of Payer Accounts/Customer


The client, a large U.S.-based pharmaceutical company had the leading product in a mature market. There were six products in category, including a new low-price entry. The key issue the organization faced was the lack of clinical differentiation among products which had resulted in ancillary product features being the primary m...