Sales Force Effectiveness


The optimization of your sales force not only makes your commercial efforts more impactful but also helps in keeping your business ahead when it comes to market fluctuations. As the pharmaceutical industry becomes more unpredictable with the growing number of stakeholders – patients, physicians, private equity firms, health care systems, hospitals, etc. – sales managers must gain physicians’ trust and adopt a more customer-centric approach.  

Better prioritize your work, formulate IC plans, develop market access strategies, and so much more.  

Sales Force Effectiveness Service Lines

Our subject-matter experts provide services in the following areas:

Account Management
Skills Development

Account Selling
Process & Skills

Assessment of
Team Effectiveness

Business Planning
Process & Skills

Market Access Teams
Metrics & Reporting

Role Design &
Competency Development

Sales Force Effectiveness Project Catalog

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Commercial Data Assessment and Analytics

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Alignment Design / Optimization

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Sales Force Effectiveness Team

Experienced Pharmaceutical Leader

An experienced Pharmaceutical leader with over thirty-five years in the industry, Jim brings extensive knowledge of Sales, Marketing, Leadership, Training & Development, Market Access and Sales Strategy to clients in many specialties areas. Jim has held Director or VP level leadership positions for over twenty-four years of his career and has consistently performed at a high level, winning multiple awards from three Pharmaceutical companies.

Widely recognized as an expert in sales strategy and innovative sales models, Jim has redesigned numerous sales organizations during his tenure with Pharmaceutical companies and in his consulting role. He has also spearheaded major initiatives designed to tailor sales force structure to the overall market dynamics across the U.S. market.

With considerable experience leading organizations in specialty areas such as Oncology, Cardiology, Neurology, Women’s Health, Metabolic Disease and Rare Diseases, Jim has a reputation for developing and implementing effective sales strategies and differentiated approaches, adapted to local market needs. He has successfully developed and implemented comprehensive local business planning strategies that target high value business opportunities and drive incremental business growth.

During Jim’s career, he has successfully designed and led Account Management teams that have performed at a high level. Jim has leveraged his experience in account management with sales organizations by developing a sales strategy that focuses sales force effort on accounts using an approach called Account Based Selling. This approach is designed to engage customers within key accounts, identify their needs and provide effective solutions, while positioning a brand for success. His expertise in Account Based Selling is well recognized in the industry and has proven to be quite effective in increasing access and efficiency in working within key accounts.

Services I provide:
  • Business planning process and skills training
  • Account Selling training
  • Assessment of team effectiveness for sales and market access teams
  • Sales, market access, and operations role design and competency development
  • Leadership effectiveness training
  • Market access skills training

Past Projects:

  • Design and development of all sales and operations roles/processes for a start-up client
  • Design and development of the business planning process, app and skills training for a Neuroscience and Nephrology client
  • Account-based selling training for an Oncology client
  • Development of e-learning modules for a Nephrology client
  • Development of a comprehensive business planning process, tool and training for a Neuroscience team
  • Development of a strategic thinking and account planning approach for a Rare Disease team
  • Development of a Management Development Program and Account Management Development Program for a Large Pharma client
  • Development of a business planning process and tool for a Rare Disease team
  • Performance assessment of a Strategic Account Management team for a Rare Disease client
  • Account Management training for a Women’s Healthcare client
  • Strategic Thinking and Creative Problem-Solving training for a Market Access team
  • KPI development for sales & market access teams