Gap Performance Survey (GPOS)

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Gap Performance Survey (GPS) Overview

Objective and Need

 The Gap Performance Survey (GPS) is a customer-driven feedback process in which, Biotech and/or Pharmaceutical organization’s customer-facing personnel are evaluated based on a set of criteria developed by BCA and the Client.  The GPS differs from typical personality or style assessments, as well as syndicated assessments in that the feedback measures actual knowledge and competencies specific to the Client’s desired attributes and skills.

The GPS feedback data helps the Client’s understanding regarding their customer-facing personnel in the following four areas:

  1. Identification of strengths and areas for improvement
  2. Setting of specific goals to address gaps in the measurement dimensions
  3. Determination of the action steps for skill and knowledge enhancement
  4. Adjustment of Business/Account/Market plans to better meet customers’ needs

The following Channels and Customers have been targeted:

  • Managed Care Decision Makers
  • Integrated Delivery Networks/Hospital Systems
  • Physician Group Practices
  • Physicians
  • Mid-levels and Physician Extenders

Research Approach

The methodology for the GPS is a quantitative survey approach using a customized skill and knowledge questionnaire. The GPS is designed as a longitudinal benchmarking done annually. As illustrated in the image below Overall GPS Rating is comprised of the following five Metrics, each based  on a set of measures (questions):

  1. Satisfaction Metric
  2. Value Metric
  3. Effectiveness Metric
  4. Responsiveness Metric
  5. Skills & Attributes Metric