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Commercial Strategy & Marketing | Market Access & Value Strategy
Accelerating Brand Adoption | Commercial Assesment | Customer Engagement Strategy | Global to Local Access Planning | Go-to-Market Strategy | Market Access Strategy | Pricing Strategy | Product Launch | Sharpening the Marketing Message
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Stella Vnook is a Founder/ President of multiple pharmaceutical/ biotech companies with 25 years’ experience. As a C-suite leader in large/ mid-size pharma she has been driving transformational change for global clinical development portfolios from early-stage R&D to commercialization. She has an extensive background in building and managing successful start up ventures, commercial scale up, strategy/ execution to support brand launch, research & development acceleration, IP strategy, Corporate Board selection/ formation, business development/ investment strategy and venture capital initiatives, as well as managed markets and healthcare economics.

She’s dedicated her career to identifying new treatments to address/ support oncology care and diseases with high unmet needs through building successful companies and enabling their technology to blossom. Stella started her career as a scientist and oncology-specialized HCP, and transformed her career from R&D labs of Temple University Emergency Department to executive ranks of some of the largest pharma companies in the world, such as Merck & Co.

Stella’s resume boasts of leading major brand launches, managing significant P&L/ budgets and revenue, building teams from one to 300 (many times over) and serving as CEO for multiple start-up companies.

Core Competencies:

  • Building successful pharma/ biotech companies or establishing US HQ for Global pharma
  • Start up logistics & corporate strategy
  • Organizational set up, Budget, Valuation, IP review
  • FDA Approval & R&D planning
  • Revenue Generation/ Optimization
  • Fund Raising & Capital Allocation
  • Business Development / M&A
  • Exit Strategy & IPO Experience
  • Commercialization strategy and corporate expansion
  • Commercial Operations, Finance, P&L
  • Product Launch: Rx and OTC
  • Market Access landscape and launch strategy, Marketing & Sales integration
  • Payer Segmentation
  • Pricing & Reimbursement
  • Healthcare Policies
  • Change Management & Business Transformation
  • Cross-Functional Team Leadership
  • CRO / CMO management
  • Revenue / Contract Management Optimization
  • Talent Development & Team Building


Chief Executive Officer

  •  NAKI Therapeutics

NAKI Therapeutics is an innovative research-focused biopharmaceutical company. Our core technology is surrounding Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR)-Natural Killer (NK) immunotherapy with ground-breaking allogeneic or ‘off-the-shelf’ expansion technology and a ‘first-in-class’ solid tumor molecular target-CD147.
Our approach is to re-engineer NK cells-which belong to the human innate immune system to target the specific cancer cell surface marker CD147, and thereby kill the cancer cells more effectively and safely in comparison to existing treatments.

To deliver this therapy cost-effectively and in a scalable way, we also have developed proprietary methods to expand‘ memory-like’, highly potent, ‘off-the-shelf’ NK and CAR-NK cells fast and with high purity.

President & Co-founder

  •  Agile Consulting Group (ACG)

Experienced biopharmaceutical executive with 20+ years of leadership experience driving transformational change for global clinical development portfolios from early stage R&D to commercialization. Extensive background in healthcare economics and managed markets, with a keen understanding of how to position and value products to patients, providers, and payers to successfully launch new drugs and position for patient access and reimbursement coverage.

Track record of creating significant value for companies ranging from start-up to large scale with accomplishments that include building a company based on a molecule to managing a diverse global portfolio at a Top 3 pharma company.

Demonstrated a unique ability to identify innovative opportunities and technologies to extend patents, identify new indications and create strategic roadmaps that maximize long-term value given trial timing, costs, and potential for expansion.

Experienced in allocating budgets and salesforce capabilities given market opportunities and market penetration goals, and she has launched tactics across both physician and patient audiences to drive product trial and usage.

Founder & President

  •  MaiCell Therapeutics

Stella is a Founder of MaiCell Therapeutics, an innovative xenotransplantation cell-based technology company, Agile Consulting Group and Business Founder of NAKI Therapeutics. Stella served in c-suite roles for Scaled Microbiomics and Diverse Biotech, and held commercial leadership positions with Merck & Co. Catalent Pharma (CDMO), Purdue Pharma, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Assertio Therapeutics. Stella maintains active Board/ Advisory positions with multiple pharma companies and serves an advisor to numerous Universities on identifying and creating start up opportunities from existing IP.


MBA - Marketing

  •  La Salle University


  •  Temple University School of Pharmacy

BA - Biology & Human Anthropology

  •  Temple University

Graduated Magna Cum Laude