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Commercial Assesment | Demand Estimation | Product Launch | Segmentation and Positioning Research
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A dedicated and accomplished executive with over 20 years of leadership experience instrumental in increasing revenues and reducing costs in corporate and consulting roles. Consistently recognized as an elite performer saving or otherwise generating hundreds of millions of dollars annually through statistical modeling, new system development, analysis of big data, fraud detection, in-sourcing of marketing sciences, sales force restructurings and incentives’ effectiveness.

• Leadership / Cross-Functional Teams / Revenue Generation through Analytics
• Launch, Growth, and Mature Brand Strategic Planning, Analysis and Execution
• Sales Force Size, Structure, Design, & Alignments / People Placement / Disparate Impact Analysis
• Incentive Compensation Design And Execution / Call Planning / Targeting
• Parameterized Forecasting (Launch, Growth, and Mature with primary and secondary data inputs)
• Promotion Response (Sales Force / Intervention / DTC / DTP ROI Evaluation) / Customer Segmentation
• Big Data Analytics / Digital Analytics / Co-Pay Card Analytics / Multi-Channel / Pricing Analytics
• Sales Operations / Information Management




  •  Ignite and Flourish Consulting LLC

  • Ignite critical thinking and thought leadership with rigorous scientific big data analytics resulting in flourishing revenues
  • Generate practical sales force solutions from structure and alignments to value propositions and compensation
  • Develop integrated and flexible solutions such as parameterized forecasting bringing a combination of art and science


  •  KMK Consulting Inc.

  • Expanded KMK capabilities to include all Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE) areas.
  • Led all projects involving Forecasting, Incentives, Targeting, Alignments, Sizing, and Response Modeling.
  • Taught and trained new and existing employees in all SFE related areas.
  • Grew SFE related revenue by triple digit growth during first 4 years and double-digit growth during following 3 years.
  • Generated initial and ongoing consulting relationship with 15 new clients.
  • Increased revenue from clients personally acquired to nearly 50% of total KMK revenues.
  • Restructured sales organizations including alignments and people placement with 15 clients (14 personally acquired).
  • Developed and led all forecasting work with 9 clients and incentives with 11 clients.
  • Introduced and developed KMK performance evaluation as well as recognition and awards systems.

Executive Director, Decision Sciences

  •  Sunovion Pharmaceuticals - Commercial Analytics

  • Led areas of Forecasting, Sales Incentives, Targeting, Alignments, Field Analytics / Reporting and Marketing Sciences.
  • Led restructuring of Incentives including development of “reward for growth” quota setting.
  • Received highest possible “Core Values” performance rating of “Outstanding Achievement” in 2008 and 2009.
  • Consulted directly with Senior Management in all stages of a full transition to a new Commercial Sales Model.
  • Developed Commercial Model Scenarios and disruption impacts including incorporation into company forecasts.
  • Conducted new Commercial Sales Model work personally due to high confidentiality.
  • Taught and leveraged internal team to implement new structure (targeting, alignments, and people placement).
  • Saved company 95% compared to prior restructuring cost of over $1.2MM using external consultants.
  • Instructed internal talent in the use of marginal ROI analyses as applied to Marketing Mix Models.

Director of Incentives / Targeting & Alignments - Field Analysis

  •  Novartis Pharmaceuticals - Business Analysis

  • Consulted extensively with CEO and EVP of Sales resulting in implementation of innovative processes.
  • Received highest possible individual performance rating of “Outstanding” in 5 of 6 years. In first year rated as “Superior.”
  • Directed teams supporting all Incentive related activities including modeling, simulations, forecasting, and reporting.
  • Led all US Incentives operations using only internal resources across 42 sales forces (~ $150 million annual funding).
  • Pioneered the first ever Novartis Sales Force web survey to over 7,000 sales personnel across all U.S. Divisions.
  • Directed realignment of Mass Market, Respiratory Dermatology, and Oncology Divisions using only internal resources.
  • Directed operations for the placement of 5,000 sales force personnel into new alignments, saving millions in outsourcing.
  • Designed Geographic Tailoring and Resource Optimization process, chosen by leadership over McKinsey model.
  • Collaborated with IMS and internal IT and IM teams on various data issues resulting in IMS data corrections.
  • Created innovative monthly adjustment smoothing factors resulting in significant forecast improvements.
  • Presented innovations to Global representatives resulting in world-wide adoption of US forecast approach.


Master of Science - Statistics

  •  Brigham Young University, Utah

Completed All Coursework - ABT

Bachelor of Science - Statistics: Business Emphasis

  •  Brigham Young University, Utah